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To me design is all about communication through an experience.

With applications it's all about making the user experience exciting and effortless to navigate. As a graphic designer, I'm inspired by the world around me. I find myself looking at the things I use every day and thinking about how I would have designed that object or application to better suite the needs of the end user. It is important to me that the user relates to the visual design of a project. This could be an iOS, Android application, web site, or print piece.

The Latest Projects From the Mind of Johnny Riot

Digital Fridge
Share photos, videos, and more to a priviate digital fridge. Role in this Project Logo Design Production Artist of  iOS app Platforms

iOS  /  Android

Scan the grabbitt code and with in a few clicks you can get free MP3, Pdf, tee shirts ext. Role in this Project Provided Art Direction...
Cop Watch
If Dirty Harry had an app this is what it look like . Role in this Project Provided Art Direction Production Artist Platforms