Baker Hughes

About This Project

I was on the Ux team for a product named Cadence. Cadence is the surface data acquisition software that collects the data coming up from down the drill hole. In addition to collecting a ton of data about what the structure of the borehole looks like, it also steers the drill head in any direction that it may need to go.
This is the short and sweet version condensed for the internet. While working on Cadence It occurred to me that there are parts that would benefit from having a tablet interface. I constructed a Proof of Concept to show how it may work. This is represented in the second Video. This was a pretty large challenge since there is nothing like it in the Baker arsenal. There are quite a lot of Human factors that go into the desktop version of Cadence, even more, to go into the tablet version.
For instance, it had to be sealed in a blast proof case, Have large buttons, easily visible in the sun, and on and on. At the end of my stint at Baker Hughes, I’m proud to say we launched Cadence to an eager audience of field workers. It replaced 27 applets and combined them into one title. Cadence is the standard software deployed on rigs today that Baker supplies the tools too.

UX Design, Visual Design