Zynga: Game of Thrones Slots Casino

About This Project

We have Dragons!
Midway in my stint at Zynga, I was tapped to move over and start work on the Game of Thrones Slots Casino game. I would be one of two Ux designers to start this project from the ground up. Game of Thrones Slots Casino is a Unity-based social slots game deployed on all Mobile devices and has a web version as well.

Take one of the most significant IP’s in the world and turn it into a slots game. It needs a robust social interaction, a feature-rich environment, Incerdibal art, and easy to navigate and understand. Target Device iOS, Android, and Web

My Role
To work with our Business leads, Project managers, and stakeholders to build UI for features that enhance the players experience
My goal has been to help guide the design process and keep the UI on track to be the best in class experience.

The Processes

Competitive analysis
It all starts here. I’m, not a slots player so for me this was a foreign land ruled by spinning reels, and enough coin showers to make your head spin. My first step was to become a slots player. I downloaded the top 5 grossing slots games in the iOS store and played them all. I took screenshots of different game mechanics, Big wins, Award screens, coin grants, Token grants, you name it. I wanted to see it all. I even took a Day to research in Vegas while on vacation to understand what drives this new market.

Now I Sketch!

I sketch logt.
I’ve always been a fan of getting pen to paper and sketching out me Ideas. They are rarely pretty, but it gets my thoughts out of my head on to paper where I can see all of them at once. Some of these turned into parts of the game some go it the trash. We all sketched out our ideas and had manny Zoom meetings do start to pick a direction. Once we had a course and a layout for the game lobby page, it was off to the races. We could now start to design the game based off of the feature set that had been delivered to the team.

Wire framingStarts

You have to start somewhere.
I love Sketch as a design tool. It’s my go-to tool for wireframes. I started on quick wireframes for the Lobby and one other area of the game. As a team, we critiqued each other’s work and refined our designs until we had settled on a plan for the Lobby. From there it was into the Feature sections. We each have a part that we own; we are responsible for every detail in that area.

User Flows

Which way do we go?
The next phase is my favorite, the Player journey through each section of the game. For me, this is where it all starts to come together. In this case its all about giving a grind a gift in the game. Who doesn’t want a gift, right? I am suing Overflow right now for showing the player path through a feature. It has helped our stakeholders understand what will happen, and allowed the UX team to get the needed feedback for each flow.


Make it pretty!
Part of my job is to create art for the features that I wireframe. We have built an extensive library of assets that makes this a bit faster, but there is still plenty of custom things to go around. The visual design can be anything from a MOTD ( message of the day) to a new dialogue. The completed visual design screens are placed back into the wireframe flows to provide a more accurate view for the engineers and stakeholders.

UX Design, Visual Design